Generating serious engine failures and almost all of cable damage, earth fault currents are the most common cause of breakdowns in electricity distribution networks. The result is always a costly one – break in power supply, the need of repairing or replacing damaged equipment and cables, losses in technological processes and in extreme cases life and health risks for people.


Investment of safety

The FC1-S is a low-maintenance, automatically adjusted arc suppression coil. Made with dry polyester resin technology, it is one of the safest and most stable solutions available on the market for an improved version of the so-called Petersen coil.


FC1-S completely automates the regulation process in medium-voltage switchgears, improving the precision and stability of the MV network and minimizing costly downtime.


  • Precise adjustment
  • Fully customizable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lowers operation costs
  • Lower installation costs
  • No placement requirements
  •  FT Żychlin quality

How does it work?

The suppression coil is connected in series between the neutral point of the grounding transformer and the ground. It is equipped with a movable magnetic core that enables changing the value of its inductance by changing the size of the air gap. The core is driven by a motor powered by an inverter. The coil, outside the main winding, contains three additional windings:

  • measuring winding
  • the winding forcing the active component
  • the generator winding (to introduce a variable frequency signal)

In addition, a current transformer is used to measure earth fault currents at the neutral point of the transformer and a voltage transformer for measuring earth fault.

Measurement of network capacity is based on the reading of the current and voltage values ​​of the current and voltage transformers in response to the input of the signal by the generator at various frequencies.

Technical data

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