From the very beginning, regarding advanced engineering, our priority is to be in a class of our own by creating and implementing unique solutions.

Mission / Vision

Expert knowledge, imagination, efficacy, quality and safety – these words signify the style and the promise we put into practice with every project.

Corporate Responsibility

As a business, we are aware of an impact we make. Our social responsibility activities are aimed at education, sport, culture and the environment.


“Best Newcomer 2018”. Electrum awarded by Siemens Building Technologies

During the annual European conference of Siemens Building Technologies partners in Berlin, Electrum has won the title of “Best Newcomer 2018”. This award is given to companies which, despite the […]

Electrum to implement power supply system in a large industrial plant

Electrum will implement a power supply system (high and medium voltage cable lines) for the needs of a newly built facility in one of the leading Polish industrial plants.

Project implemented by Electrum at the IREC 2018 conference

Which IT tools allow you to control smart grid systems to work effectively? Is it possible to create universal guidelines for optimizing such systems? And if so, how can we […]

Electrum to implement yet another 30 PV farms

In February, Electrum has signed contracts for the design and implementation of yet another 30 photovoltaic power plants developed in the “turnkey” system. We expect that by the end of […]

Electrum Ekiden. Join us on June 10th!

The date is known for the upcoming fourth edition of Electrum Relay Race. Electrum is the event’s partner and Title Sponsor from the very beginning in 2014. Ekiden is a […]

Electrum to perform “turnkey” installations in the Ogrodowa Offices building

For the needs of the Ogrodowa Offices building in Łódź, Electrum will design and execute turn-key low- and high-current electrical installations along with automation and BMS systems.

Electrum to expand 110/15 kV “Dajwór” substation using GIS technology

On behalf of Tauron Dystrybucja S.A., Electrum will complete the 110 kV switchgear using GIS technology at 110/15 kV Dajwór station. The scope of works includes design, construction and commissioning […]

Electrum to develop a power distribution system in a large manufacturing facility

For one of the potentates in the industry of furniture production and wood processing, Electrum will develop a power distribution system in the newly built production plant.  As part of […]

Electrum to upgrade yet another wind turbines electrical system

Commissioned by one of the leading Wind Farm operators in Poland, Electrum will perform another modernization of wind turbine electrical systems along with works inside the turbine nacelle.

Electrum begins construction of 14 turnkey solar plants. Works to be completed by the end of 2017

Electrum begins construction of 14 turnkey photovoltaic farms for one of the world’s leading investors. All works are expected to be completed later this year.

Electrum to implement a power supply system in a well-known cosmetics brand factory

For the needs of one of the leading brands in the cosmetic industry, Electrum will implement a secure factory power supply system.

Electrum to modernize power protection systems at Ostrów Mazowiecka HV/MV substation

On behalf of PGE Dystrybucja S.A., Electrum will upgrade the power protection systems at the HV/MV station in Ostrów Mazowiecka.

Electrum to perform works at FORTE factory technological buildings

Commissioned by Unibep S.A., Electrum will install electrical and low-current installations in the technological buildings of FORTE factory in Suwałki.

Electrum to perform works in modern cosmetics production plant

Electrum will perform electrical, automation and low-current works in a modern industrial plant, belonging to one of the major companies in European beauty industry.

Electrum to implement installations for the ash removal system of Opole Power Plant units

Electrum is going to implement electrical and electrical installations for the ash removal system of units 5 and 6 at Opole Power Plant. This is the second task performed by Electrum during […]

Electrum to build 110kV/MV station and MV network for the modern furniture factory

For the leading Polish furniture manufacturer, Electrum will build a 110kV/MV substation with 110 kV cable line in a “turn-key” manner, and a MV cable network along with several transformer stations. […]

Electrum to execute MV and lV installations at the Warsaw Rondo Wiatraczna building

Electrum will execute electrical MV and lV installation at the commercial and residential building currently being build at Warsaw’s Rondo Wiatraczna location.

This year’s Electrum Ekiden will be a two-day event

The date is known for the upcoming third edition of Electrum Relay Race. Electrum is the event’s partner and Title Sponsor from the very beginning in 2014. Ekiden is a […]

Electrum to implement yet another GIS switchgear

For Innogy Stoen Operator Electrum will design, supply and commission a 13-bay, double busbar 110 kV GIS switchgear. This is the third project of this kind currently being implemented by […]

Electrum to modernize wind turbines electrical systems

Electrum will modernize electrical systems in wind turbines for one of the major wind farm operators in Poland.  The contract also includes specific works in the turbine nacelles.

The Engineer School has concluded

On the 30th September, another edition of Electrum’s Engineer School has concluded. The Engineer School is a paid internship program, where students get the opportunity to observe and experience the […]

Electrum to execute works at „Auchan” Shopping Centre

Electrum will design and execute power and electrical network and installations for „Auchan” Shopping Centre in Hetmańska Street, Bialystok.

Electrum awarded with three ISO certifications

Electrum has implemented an Integrated Management System according to ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System, ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 – Health and Safety System for […]

Electrum’s debuts at „Energetab” power industry fair

An updated and upgraded offer of Electrum, including new products and services, is presented at this year’s Energetab power industry fair in Bielsko-Biała. At the space no. 37 of U […]

Electrum will design and build a 110/15 kV station along with GIS technology switchgear in Krakow

Electrum will design and build a 110/15 kV AGH station in Krakow along with power supplying  110 kV cable lines. It’s the second switchgear executed by Electrum for Tauron Distribution […]

Electrum to execute works at Opole Power Plant

Using GIS technology, Electrum will execute a 110 kV and 400 kV power evacuation at the newly-built units No. 5 & 6 of Opole Power Plant.    

Electrum to execute three overhead cable lines

Electrum will execute three 110 kV overhead cable lines along with necessary civil works and modernisation of the supervision system.

Electrum has undertaken an advanced industrial engineering task

Electrum will perform automation works on a strategic engineering object along with  wireless communication and modernisation of low and medium voltage  power supply.

Electrum to design and implement earthing chokes at the 400/110 kV Elk Bis power station

Commissioned by Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne SA, Electrum will design and implement earthing chokes at the 400/110 kV Elk Bis power station. Electrum is currently designing and modernizing two other PSE […]

Electrum Ekiden breaks a record. Nearly 1100 runners!

As many as 181 teams – 42 more than last year – took part in the Bialystok Ekiden relay race. Electrum was once again the title sponsor of the run. […]

Electrum to implement power and electrical systems at Warsaw Galeria Północna

Electrum is going to implement both power and electrical systems at Galeria Północna, that is currently being built in Warsaw (Białołęka). The estate, with floor surface of  64 000 m2,  will […]

Electrum at Wind Power Poland 2016

Several hundred guests from all around the world – investors, developers and scientists – has visited Electrum’s stand at Wind Power Poland 2016. The exhibition, combined with business conference, is the […]

Electrum is a Supporting Member of Polish Wind Energy Association

Electrum has joined PWEA – Polish Wind Energy Association – as a Sponsor and Supporting Member. PWEA is one of Poland’s leading wind energy organisations, representing the sector’s interests and […]

Electrum implements cloud computing service

Project co-financed by the European Union within Podlaskie Voivodeship Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013. Increasing the competitiveness of Electrum Company through the launch of an innovative e-service, supporting the company management […]

Inspiration: Electrum runs

On September 22nd two representatives of Electrum, among hundreds of other runners, participated in the “Białystok runs” sports and recreation event. The ladies ran the distance of 10 kilometers, finished […]