CSR Strategy

Electrum sp. z o.o. offers complex services and high quality products for customers from energy and specialistic engineering area, using modern technology, advisory, management and engineering skills, and highest working standards.


We take social, environmental and business responsibility for our actions and their impact on the surroundings. These are the three main pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our activity touches on areas where we:

  • Act/Change – Area of operational actions of which we have full control. This is the area of direct actions of our employees. It is controlled by internal policies, procedures and code of cunduct,
  • Affect – Area of cooperation with business partners, suppliers and subcontractors. Here we use our position and impact to promote responsible and ethical business actions,
  • Inspire – In other areas, where we don’t have direct control or impact, we try to inspire into action. We demonstrate good actions and allow positive social and environmental change. For instance, by educating our customers and offering eco-friendly solutions.


The way of implementation of CSR policy is determined by CSR strategy, which will be regularly updated and announced to all stakeholders. The directors of the CSR Group, whose actions are coordinated by a Marketing Director, a Member of the Board, are responsible for the strategy fulfillment.


Our business responsibility is defined by the following strategic means:

  • Striving to obtain an effective management culture, which is based on ethics, transparency and partnership rules
  • Building and sustaining business relations according to company’s basic values and constantly promoting them amongst stakeholders
  • Building an affiliative cooperation with suppliers according to dialogue (trust), honesty (ethics) and transparency of the actions
  • Taking responsible commercial decisions according to the principles of balanced development
  • Taking care of the quality of provided services and assuring their stable supply using the highest quality norms


Our social responsibility is defined by the following strategic means:

  • Respect of human rights and the assurance of equal chances for all of the companys’ stakeholders regardless of age, sex, social affiliation, descent, religion, political views, disability, sexual orientation.
  • Respect and development of intelectual capital, on which the company bases its longterm business strategy
  • Creating new work places and constant employee qualification improvement
  • Assurance of work safety, health sphere strengthtening and promoting phisical activity
  • Motivating employees to engage in fulfilling (not only company’s) ambitions and goals
  • Using company’s technological skills to fight social exclusion and activate local community
  • Active support of local, national and international community through participation, organisation and sponsoring of educational, cultural and sporting events


Our environmental responsibility is defined by the following strategic means:

  • Implementation of balanced development through limiting the negative influence of our actions on the environment
  • Practising tested processes and procedures while obeying environmental norms concerning all of the stakeholders
  • Supporting actions promoting and striving to obtain the possibility to acquire energy from renewable sources
  • Taking responsible commercial decisions according to the principles of balanced development
  • Professional and reliable implemetation of innovative technologies, in order to solve any customers’ problems and reduce their influence on the environment



Electrum acts responsibly and takes into consideration the opinions of its stakeholders. The stakeholders have been identified during a strategic meeting. For every stakeholders’ group the level of interest and influence on Electrum has been determined. The mapping of the stakeholders has been used in order to choose adequate means of communication and create an action plan. The openness to constructive dialogue and respect for different points of view strengthens creativity and generates innovative ideas, which can help us develop.

Transparency is an important part of the corporate social responsibility. The choice of actions described in the CSR Strategy illustrates the growing need for effective and two-way communication with the stakeholders. Stakeholders’ opinions, remarks and ideas are a valuable source of information and will help Electrum grow with the consideration of the needs and expectations of the surroundings.


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