220/110/33 kV Nowe Czarnowo substation already working

Built specifically for the needs of Banie Wind Farm in Western Poland, two new substations – 220/110 kV Nowe Czarnowo and 110/33kV Kozielice – are now working.

On 6 November, both Nowe Czarnowo substation with 1,5 km of 200 kV cable line and 110/33 kV Kozielice substation were successfully connected to the PSE power grid.

The voltage was supplied from Krajnik substation of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne. The Banie wind turbines will be connected to the 110/33 kV Kozielice substation in the next stage of commissioning.

The construction of Banie Wind Farm began in May 2015. Electrum, in consortium with PBDI S.A. and Erbud S.A. is responsible for design, delivery, supply and commissioning of both Nowe Czarnowo a