Battery Day

On the 18th day of February we celebrate the Battery Day. This is a perfect moment to pay a little more attention on this phenomenal invention, which the battery clearly IS!

Nowadays energy storage has utilization in every area of our life.  From the most popular the triple-A batteries powering TV remote control to enormous pumped-storage hydroelectricity being able to power a few cities. There are many utilizations of battery, however in view of the rapid growth of interest of energy storage in industry I would like to answer a very crucial question:

Is Energy Storage the cure for industry?

In order to answer this question let’s  imagine that you are a special kind of doctor – Energy Storage Doctor and just all of a sudden a patient (factory) with a strong headache comes to your office. What would you do then?

  1. Interview

First of all, we collect relevant data, because the key to identifying the problem is detailed data analysis. So it will be necessary to know the exact load profile, working time and strategic goals of our patient (factory).

  1. Research

Secondly, it is worth remembering that an interview itself is not enough. The main objective is to conduct a survey of the industrial process in order to deepen our knowledge of the specificity of the case.

  1. Diagnosis

Only after obtaining all the necessary data, is it possible to identify the real cause of the patient’s headache, which may be related to, for example:

  • Increase in the energy prices and costs (in polish energy market from 01.01.2021 there is an extra fee, which is approx. 45 PLN/ MWh),
  • process instability (voltage dips and decays),
  • Inelasticity of the process,
  • not optimal use of own energy source (e.g. RES),
  • lack of reactive power regulation.

At this stage we determine the remaining energy demand and technical requirements (capacity, power) –  we select the parameters of the energy storage.

  1. Recommendations

Subsequently, we are able to present simulations of scenarios (current and future directions of the industrial development).

At this phase, it is also necessary to define environmental conditions for the portfolio of energy storage technologies, which can include:

  • Electrical energy storage,
  • Mechanical energy storage,
  • Chemical energy storage,
  • Thermal energy storage.

On this basis, with energy prices, investment costs and operating costs in relation to revenues taken under consideration, we can make an economic analysis.

In this very simplified way, we managed to choose the optimal configuration of the energy storage and the individual business model.

  1. Cure

There are many possibilities to invest in energy storage, but you need to know about two worth remembering things before you will take this step:

  • larger energy storage is not always the answer to our problems (oversizing can also be a headachefor every investor),
  • only the optimal business model guarantees a payback time of 1 year in some cases!

Remember! It is up to the patient himself whether and under what conditions will he follow the recommendations.


Dear Reader, as you have already discovered it in the text, energy storage IS the cure for industry. BUT only a good doctor is able to select the proper configuration of energy storage installation. Electrum is that kind of good doctor, so if you still suffer from headache – don’t waste your time, just contact us.