Korytnica Wind Farm operational

After approximately 8 months from entering into contract, Electrum supplies voltage to 400/110 KV and 110/30 kV susbtations, built especially for largest wind farm in the Masovian voivodeship, Korytnica Wind Farm (82,5 MW).

The connection of 400/110 kV Wólka i 110/30 kV Pniewnik took place at 4:10 A.M. on 16 December 2015. Currently, both substations are operational along with 27km 110 kV overhead-cable line and a 400 kV cable line, connecting 400/110 kV Wolka substation with 400kV Stanisławów substation of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A.

The Korytnica Wind Farm features Poland’s first RSE power evacuation using 400kV cable line, and is one of the few wind farms supplying this level of voltage.

Both substations, as well as 110 kV and 400 kV lines were developed by Electrum.