Power supply of Sulechowko GPO station 30/110kV

Less than 10 months after signing NTP for the construction of stage II of FW Power East and FW Power West, Electrum team managed to complete all the works within the contract deadlines!

The scope of work:
– construction of the TR2 transformer field at the Bięcino 30/110kV GPO station together with the installation of TR1, TR2 transformers and batteries and capacitors,
– construction of a complete Sulechówko 30/110 kV GPO station with two TR1, TR2 transformers,
– construction of 48 km long WN line and cable connecting Sulechówko GPO station with PSE SE Słupsk station together with two fiber optic lines.

At that time we also modernized field no. 7 of 110 kV switchgear at the station of SE Słupsk 400/110kV, adapting it to the needs of the connected wind farm Potęgowo Zachód.

The works went smoothly and without any disturbances.
We thank the team working on this project for their commitment and professionalism!