Support of the hospital

On behalf of the entire Electrum crew, we provided support for the Provincial Ambulance Station in Białystok.

We have donated 70 protective suits and 5 ozonators, which will allow for quick decontamination of the ambulances, which will be able to go to the needy again after 30 minutes. We hope that this will help to take care of the health of Medical Employees and make their daily work easier.
Coordinating the purchase of suits and ozonators we have come across a problem that affects the Health Service on a daily basis. Lack of protection measures in shops, long lead times…
And I’d like to help right away! The shop where we bought the ozonators sold them to us only after a thorough confirmation of where they will be delivered to. Here we deserve applause – they make sure they are not intended for sale on auction portals. Fortunately, we did not have the slightest problem with confirming their destination.

Our help is primarily thanks for the hard work and dedication of the Medical Services.