The Minister’s visit to the construction site

As a General Contractor, we have much to be proud of. The contract involves the construction of a 55 MW photovoltaic farm, which, together with the already operating 21 MW installation, is the largest investment of its kind in Poland, as well as a power grid, which will operate as a DSOn.

We would like to present this investment as a model example that could be replicated in other places in Poland. – said Ireneusz Zyska.

At the meeting we were also informed about plans to establish the European Institute for Fair Energy Transformation based in Katowice.

As the largest beneficiary of programmes related to the transformation, Poland should take the initiative in this respect, on the scale of the whole European Union. We would like to see the Institute for Fair Transformation
It brought together the best Polish and European experts, programming the transformation in particular regions. We want to develop renewable energy sources. At the moment, according to the announcement of the Polish Power Grids, two weeks ago, the installed photovoltaic capacity is 1.8 GW. We would like this capacity to increase to at least 7 GW by 2025. We have a unique, historic opportunity, based on the New Green Deal policy formulated in the European Commission and the financial instruments defined at the moment, for Poland to
to carry out a fair energy transformation, which will be based on investments in RES – added Ireneusz Zyska

After the official speech, it was time for a detour of the whole construction site. Despite the unfavourable aura, the view of the solar park, growing at a fast pace, confirmed the Minister in his earlier words.