This year’s Electrum Ekiden will be a two-day event

The date is known for the upcoming third edition of Electrum Relay Race. Electrum is the event’s partner and Title Sponsor from the very beginning in 2014.

Ekiden is a relay race in which six-people teams run together at the marathon distance of 42.195 km. The first team member runs at the distance of 7.195 kilometers, the next two -10 km, and the next three – 5 km. The country with the biggest tradition of events this type is Japan.

Electrum Ekiden is a charity run – 30% of each team’s fee is donated for the needs of Białystok Childern’s Hospice. Last year’s edition attracted 181 teams (that is nearly 1,100 runners) from all across Poland, including two teams of Electrum employees and guests.

This year, Ekiden will be a two-day event, with children’s run held at June 10, and adult relay race on Sunday, June 11. The route will again be lead around the athletics stadium of Białystok Sports and Recreation Centre.

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