We provide comprehensive service of power infrastructure throughout the country and abroad: full range of services – from Consulting and Project Development, Design, Engineering and Implementation, to Service and Exploitation.

consulting AND Project Development

value engineering

due dilligence

cost optimization

concept creation, feasibility study

technical documentation validation

functional and operational programs

creation of enterprise development plans (business plans)

energy efficiency improvement

operating costs optimization (e.g. electricity fees)

Design and “turnkey” General Contracti

EHV/HV, HV/MV stations

EHV and HV (400 kV, 220 kV, 110 kV) power lines

medium voltage infrastructure and MV/LV transformer stations

large-size energy and industry structures

low voltage and low current installations (FAS, audible warning systems, CCTV, AC, IDS, ICT)

mechanical installations (water and sewage, cold, ventilation, air conditioning, technology)

HVAC automation, BMS/RMS systems

industrial automation and robotics

technological processes, their automation and the accompanying infrastructure, along with remote control systems and supervision

reactive power compensation

higher harmonics filtration

dynamic line rating – monitoring and optimization

intelligent networks (smart grid, DSR, off-grid, energy storage)

Telemechanics and control

EHV/HV, HV/MV, MV/MV power stations commissioning

IT systems optimizing utility costs

power monitoring and management software

obtaining administrative decisions necessary for the preparation and implementation of investments

designer and investor’s supervision on site