Electrum exists to create custom engineering solutions and innovative products to deliver complex care, security and optimization in developing, establishing and operating energy and industrial assets.

Recent News

Electrum to implement installations for the ash removal system of Opole Power Plant units

Electrum is going to implement electrical and electrical installations for the ash removal system of units 5 and 6 at Opole Power Plant. This is the second task performed by Electrum during […]

Electrum to build 110kV/MV station and MV network for the modern furniture factory

For the leading Polish furniture manufacturer, Electrum will build a 110kV/MV substation with 110 kV cable line in a “turn-key” manner, and a MV cable network along with several transformer stations. […]

Electrum to execute MV and lV installations at the Warsaw Rondo Wiatraczna building

Electrum will execute electrical MV and lV installation at the commercial and residential building currently being build at Warsaw’s Rondo Wiatraczna location.