Electrum Adapt
Key to Effective and Responsible Business

We provide commercial, legal, financial, IT, quality, and marketing support for the entire Electrum Holding Group.


Shared Services Center of Electrum Holding

At Electrum Adapt, we focus on delivering comprehensive services for the entire Electrum Holding Group. Our teams of specialists from various fields collaborate to ensure operational efficiency, innovative solutions, and the implementation of sustainable business strategies. We are here to support your success, working together to create long-lasting and valuable relationships with our clients and business partners by offering comprehensive support in every aspect of operations. Electrum Adapt is the definition of cooperation and commitment to building an effective and dynamic business.

Our Range of Services:

  • Commercial: Client relationship management, negotiations, sales strategy.
  • Legal: Legal services, regulatory compliance, legal advisory.
  • Financial: Financial management, reporting, financial analysis.
  • IT: IT support, infrastructure management, cybersecurity.
  • Quality: Quality control, certifications, audits.
  • Brand and Marketing: Brand image shaping, marketing strategies, advertising campaigns.
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