Corporate governance

At Electrum we believe that the change necessary to save the climate must happen at a system level. The planet depends, in the first place, on organizations committed to finding solutions to protect it. The effects of their work give individuals room to make ethical choices daily – but that is the next step. First, the business and industry have to take responsibility for the base the contemporary world is built on. Electrum takes this responsibility.

Our vision assumes cheap and zero-emission energy available to everyone, provided by an Alternative Energy System we want to create together with the business partners who share our mission.

We are committed to creation of sustainable energy, but we don’t stop there – our corporate responsibility goes much further. Through financial contributions, collaboration with NGOs, organizing events, and employee volunteering, Electrum brings sustainable changes in both community and the environment.

Active support of the local, national and international community through participation, organization and sponsoring of education, cultural and sport events.

Creating new workplaces and constant employee qualification improvement. Motivating employees to engage in fulfilling ambitions and goals, both on a business and personal level.

Using the company’s technological skills to fight social exclusion and activate local community.

Respecting human rights and assuring equal chances for all of the company's stakeholders regardless of age, sex, social affiliation, descent, religion, political views, disability, sexual orientation.

Respecting and developing our intellectual capital is the base of Electrum’s long-term business strategy.

Assuring safe work environment, promoting the physical activity and health care.

Our areas of influence

Our position on the market is a great responsibility – we have an influence on what the industry looks like and we do everything in our power to accelerate the energy revolution. At the same time, we make efforts to positively influence the local community on a daily basis.

Our team is connected by common values and mission being carried out together. We operate with the goal of making the lasting change crucial for planet and society, both locally and globally.

Global Impact

Green rural areas

Our work in the Polish-German RIGRID (Rural Intelligent Grid) project emphasized the sustainable development of rural areas, which would also be in line with the needs of the local community. We have created a system of optimal planning and management of energy and infrastructure in the areas of two towns. As a result, we achieved energy independence, increased reliability of electricity supply and reduced carbon emissions, as well as creating new economic opportunities for the residents of the project areas.

The future is a low-carbon industry

We are creating the MESH4U (Multi Energy Storage Hub 4 Utility) project. We develop and study multi-type energy stores that will help in transforming the economy towards low-emission. We are the leader of a consortium of research, academic and industrial institutions from Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Education first

We share knowledge! We believe that by educating the society and creating a base of specialists aware of the necessary changes, the next generation of engineers will share our mission and support the energy transformation. In the student internship program and in the School of Engineers project, we take care to spread our passion for green energy. During the process, we also spread a large dose of practical knowledge, which our pupils will later implement while standing on the renewable side of power.

Local impact

Up To Date with our neighborhood

When developing across the country, we are strongly connected with our roots – that’s why we support initiatives that, like us, grew up in Podlasie region. Cooperation with Up To Date Festival is a chance for dialogue with an art and the local community. Together with the festival’s Foundation, we take part in actions promoting mental health “Don’t worry be yourself” and in cultural initiatives, sponsoring the Ambient Salon in Białystok and Warsaw.

A healthy team spirit

We want our employees to be happy and healthy. Healthy and relaxed body supports strong mind and good ideas, so we provide the best possible private healthcare program to employees and their families. During working hours, we organize workouts so that everyone willing can stimulate the body and calm the mind.

Environmentally friendly travel

Our team is encouraged to choose zero-emission ways to commute or to reduce CO2 emissions by carpooling. We know very well that the Electrum team are people who choose the most environmentally friendly options on their own and do not need any special encouragement, but we reward them in the EkoDrive competition anyway.

Run for the Hospice

Although on a daily basis we consistently run towards an alternative energy system, once a year we used to run also for the Children’s Hospice “Help Them” Foundation during the Electrum Ekiden run. It was a charity run, of which we were the title sponsor, which has been enjoying unmatched success for several years. We have permanently entered the sports calendar of events in Białystok, popularizing running long before it became cool.

with humility and power,
one megawatt at a time.

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