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Climate Tech

Climate Tech describes innovative technologies dedicated to climate protection. Our goal is to develop solutions that reduce harmful emissions, increase energy efficiency and foster sustainable resource management. We implement modern methods of renewable energy generation, carbon capture systems and advanced recycling techniques. These activities are in line with global environmental trends and respond to today’s environmental challenges.

We act holistically and offer creative technological solutions at every stage of the investment. With a strong accent put on industrial research and development, we provide end-to-end products complementing our executive capabilities.

One Stop Shop
Integrated Business Model

Electrum operates in an integrated business model, providing the development, EPCM,
and O&M services for the most technologically advanced projects.

electrum holding electrum holding electrum ventures electrum concreo electrum concreo electrum concreo electrum concreo electrum solutions electrum solutions
We create solutions for investment projects along
the entire value chain and take care of the complete life cycle of energy assets

Electrum Holding

Electrum Concreo

We execute strategic projects in the area of renewable energy sources. Our portfolio includes 1.5 GW of green energy, including the largest wind farm in Poland and large-scale PV developments. Among our projects there also also theconcept of Poland’s first offshore wind farm, the construction of the longest 220 kV power line and one of the largest 110 kV GIS substations.

Electrum Adapt

Shared services center of Electrum Holding. We provide comprehensive commercial, legal, financial, IT, quality and marketing services for the entire Group. A customized competence base allows Electrum Holding to effectively implement future-oriented business strategies, and social and environmental responsibility.

Electrum Ventures

Responsible for the development of the individual energy mix and the reorganization of energy assets. We are the leader in the effective preparation of RES projects for implementation thanks to our knowledge and practical experience in the field of design, obtaining permits and administrative decisions, and project documentation development. Electrum Ventures provides full formal and legal service, delivering optimal solutions to meet the energy needs of business and industry.

Electrum Solutions

Offers state-of-the-art technology solutions for the development, construction and maintenance of projects in the fields of energy and IT. We efficiently manage assets, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of wind and photovoltaic farms based on our proprietary EMACS system. In order to meet the needs of new regulations, we have developed Renedium 1.0., a device for active and reactive power regulation, enabling up to 10 ppm generating units (PPCs).

Electrum Ukraine

Using the Group resources, the company provides comprehensive consulting and technological support at every stage of the investment process – from the design of RES facilities, through construction, to maintenance and management. Its portfolio includes the implementation of the Bolohyvsky Solar Park 1 and 2 PV in the Zhytomyr Region with a total capacity of 33 MWp. This was the first solar facility in Eastern Europe developed on the basis of an advanced solar tracker system. Currently, the company is responsible for managing the installation at the operational stage, ensuring monitoring and continuity of its operation.


Everto is an Electrum Holding-owned company operating in the Lithuanian market. Using the Group resources, the company is expanding its portfolio of projects in the Baltic markets. It provides comprehensive consulting and technological support at every stage of the investment process – from the design of RES facilities, through construction, to maintenance and management. Thanks to years of experience, Everto is a trusted partner with an excellent understanding of the specifics of the Baltic energy market.

Electrum Nofar Energy

Electrum Nofar Energy is a Joint Venture specializing in renewable energy investments. Its main activities focus on the integration of assets with Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solutions, enabling the optimal use of energy produced from various renewable sources. In addition, the company is involved in the development of energy storage, which enables efficient storage and use of energy at specific times. Electrum Nofar Energy is expanding in the area of hydrogen assets, aiming to increase the share of this green energy source in its investment portfolio.

We operate in the following areas

Our History



Incorporation and beginning as 
an installation company focusing on small projects



Subcontracting services, installation contracts, electrical power networks


1st substation

Integration and contracting company,
modernization of the first substation



Engineering and installation company focusing on automation and switchgear manufacturing


1st eBoP contract

First eBoP contract for RES market



Initiation of O&M services and continuation
of building engineering and integration expertise


General contractor

General contractor (eBoP), RES,
industrial installations and electrical power networks



Dynamic growth of EPCM / BoP, first foreign contract


IPP & Nofar

Independent Power Provider,
JV with Nofar Energy, Energy Asset Management


One Stop Shop

Complete range od services for biggest energy assets, including development of VPP tech


Climate Tech

Inclusion of energy storage, hydrogen, ammonia, heat; bespoke industrial solutions; strong R&D position

By developing technology
and through a dialogue with science,
art and sports, we aim to create a sustainable energy future

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