Electrum is an APC

Alternative Power Creator

We think comprehensively and offer creative engineering solutions at every stage of the investment. Our competencies develop along with expanding the group’s portfolio.

We carry out projects along the entire value chain and throughout the life cycle of the project and assets:

Development – EPCM – Asset Management & ESCO – Reinvestment & Repowering.


Igniting the green transformation

Energy asset development for the sustainable side of business

We've got what the hard work takes

We are genuinely good at taking care of your assets

We create solutions for investment projects along the entire value chain and take care of the entire life cycle of energy assets

Electrum Induce – a commercial and business R&D and consulting providing “know how” concerning transformation into alternative energy and IT system.

Electrum Concreo – a leading contractor of infrastructure for Renewable Energy Sources in Poland. We offer comprehensive implementation of strategic contracts for large-scale wind farms and solar farms. We build and launch facilities in alternative energy, information, and industrial sectors.

Electrum Ventures – development of projects in the field of renewable energy sources in the construction of the Alternative Energy System.

Electrum Solutions – an asset management, prevention and maintenance services for energy infrastructure, with particular emphasis on RES. We operate on the EMACS platform, the first Polish system combining the functionalities of SCADA and a business analysis systems.

Electrum Adapt – is a shared services center and the legal, financial and branding base of the Electrum Group.



We start as a company
specialized in small
installation projects


 We win the first power grid installation contracts


The first modernized power station in our portfolio. We start to specialize in automation.


The scope of our services broadens with automation and switchgear production.


Implementation of the first eBoP (electrical Balance of Plants) contract for the renewable energy market (RES). We already have competencies to design ready-made solutions to complex investment and energy problems. We prepare, design, implement, launch and then maintain the implemented solutions.


Electrum becomes a technology business. We have engineering and integration competences, the scope of services is extended with R&D (research and development) and O&M (operations and service).


We are involved in the RIGRID project, where we are starting to create and develop EMACS – the first Polish platform for managing energy assets, allowing the facility to work off-grid. EMACS combines the functionalities of the SCADA system and business analysis systems.


We become the General Contractor (eBoP) of RES, industrial installations and power networks.

Electrum Service, business carrying out Operation & Maintenance, Technical Asset Management, and preventive and repair services is brought to live.


Carrying out of the first export contract. We operate in EPC/ BoP mode.


Electrum Induce, commercial and business R&D in the field of solutions aiming at an alternative energy and IT systems is being born.

We enter into a strategic partnership with Nofar Energy. Our common goal is the identification, development and construction of photovoltaic and wind power plants and energy storage with a total capacity of up to 1250 MW.


We provide services consisting in comprehensive development and investment management (easy asset management) as Electrum Holding – a business with the APC (Alternative Power Creator)

We strive to create a sustainable energy of the future by developing technology and remaining in dialogue with science, art, and sport.


Electrum Nofar Energy – Joint Venture 20/80 to implement renewable energy projects with a minimum capacity of 1.25 GW within 4 years, as well as joint purchases of technologies and components on global markets.

Nofar Energy (O.Y. Nofar Energy LTD.) is a (TASE – NOFR.TA) listed company, with global renewable energy production operations in Europe, Israel and the United States. Established in 2011, the company grew at an amazing pace thanks to its interdisciplinary capabilities and innovative approach.

We are building an Alternative Energy System,
one Megawatt at a time.