Electrum has completed the construction of the first photovoltaic farm in collaboration with Nofar Energy and announces the upcoming joint venture project.

Within the joint venture (JV) between the Białystok-based Electrum Group, specializing in Climate Tech, and the Israeli green energy company, Nofar Energy, the photovoltaic farm project in Krzywińskie, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, has been successfully completed. The next stage of cooperation between Electrum and Nofar Energy will involve the completion of an investment in Dziewoklucz, Greater Poland Voivodeship.

Nofar Energy is a global energy group involved in solar energy and energy storage projects in Europe, Israel, and the USA. This includes the development, localization, permitting process, operation of photovoltaic farms, floating solar farms, and energy storage. In this collaboration, Electrum Group is responsible for project design, construction, installation, and system assembly.

“As Electrum Group, we served as the general contractor in the EPC formula, which means we were responsible for the entire construction process, from obtaining construction permits to obtaining occupancy permits and energy production licenses. In the case of the photovoltaic farm in Krzywińskie, we plan to apply Renedium to meet the requirements of the NC RFG network code. Additionally, for both investments, we will use the EMACS System as SCADA for facility monitoring and control. These innovative solutions will ensure efficient management,” says Marcin Grudniewski, Member of the Electrum Nofar Energy Board.

“We are proud of our partnership with Electrum Group, which effectively carries out profitable, large-scale photovoltaic projects. We are currently working together on over 77 MW of solar projects (combined with preliminary construction), with hundreds of MW in the development phase. Together with our partners, we plan to become a leading player in the Polish renewable energy market,” says Nadav Tene, Global CEO of Nofar Energy.

Work on the photovoltaic farm in Krzywińskie (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) began in November 2022, and it is being carried out by Solarika sp. z o.o., an investor belonging to the Electrum Nofar Energy Group. Photovoltaic system installation has already been completed, and work has started on commissioning the installation. The completion of work is expected in the coming months.

The photovoltaic farm in Krzywińskie is equipped with a total installed capacity of 20 MW. Efficient power output is achieved at high voltage, ensuring effective energy supply to the grid. This investment is a significant step in the development of renewable energy infrastructure in the region.

As part of continued cooperation between Electrum and Nofar, the implementation of another investment in Dziewoklucz, Greater Poland Voivodeship, is planned. Work commenced in January 2023, following the signing of an agreement between the contractors. The official investor of this project is MDW Energy sp. z o.o., a company belonging to Electrum Nofar Energy, part of the Electrum Holding structure. The solar farm in Dziewoklucz will have an installed capacity of 20 MW. Completion of the investment is planned for March 2024.


About Electrum

Electrum Group is a leading Polish Climate Tech business based in Białystok, offering comprehensive solutions in the field of the latest technology for the development, construction, and management of projects in the energy and information sectors. The technological maturity of its experts allows them to deliver products and services that respond to the changing needs of the industry and business in line with the ongoing energy transformation. They create and implement solutions and build projects based on the idea of an individual energy mix, balancing the social and environmental responsibility of the business with the economic aspect.

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About Energy

Nofar is a global leader in renewable energy investment. Since 2020, Nofar has been publicly listed on the stock exchange (TASE: NOFR). Over the last 12 years, Nofar has grown dynamically and consistently, with a broad portfolio of projects and subsidiaries in eight territories, over 200 employees worldwide, and approximately 2 GW of solar energy and 1 GW of energy storage projects (combined with preliminary construction) in Israel, Europe, and the USA.