If you are here to understand how a wind turbine for energy production works, we will help you as best as we can. We will go through what is hidden in the construction of a wind turbine. We will get to know the types of wind turbines responsible for the creation of wind energy. We […]

Different methods of energy storage in the renewable energy sector provide a balance between energy production and its utilization. They ensure a constant supply of energy to consumers and increase the flexibility of energy systems. In today’s article, we will present the methods of energy storage and what you should know about them. Methods of […]

We are building a solar farm that aims to bring profits to investors and offer numerous benefits to society. However, the sun does not always shine due to weather, seasons, or time of day. Consequently, the use of energy storage systems becomes crucial to ensure stable electricity supply and maximize the profitability of the investment. […]

Location of a Photovoltaic Farm – What You Need to Know? Choosing the Location for a Photovoltaic Farm – Where to Start? Selecting the site for a photovoltaic farm is one of the key decisions for an investor. To ensure the investment is profitable, various factors must be considered, which we will discuss in detail […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Energy Sector In April of this year, during the Energy Tech Summit conference held in Bilbao, Spain, Agnieszka Gawinek spoke about artificial intelligence in the energy sector. Today’s article is based on the material prepared by the speaker.   What Awaits Us in the Future??     How can new […]

What You Need to Know About Cable Pooling? Cable pooling is an innovative practice involving the shared use of infrastructure by multiple installations, such as wind farms and photovoltaic farms. This concept is inherently linked to hybrid installations.   Table of Contents Power Sharing Increase in Renewable Energy Capacity Development of Cable Pooling Cable Pooling […]

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