Wind is one of the cleanest and cheapest sources of renewable energy (RES). In Poland, where more than 70% of electricity comes from coal, the development of wind farms can be a key step towards a green transition and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Wind farms are clusters of wind turbines that harness the power of […]

Photovoltaics in Poland is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sectors, and one of the most cost-effective ways for companies to reduce their electricity costs. The development of photovoltaics in Poland, from the perspective of companies and industry, is an investment with many benefits, both economic and environmental. Here are some of them:   Reduction […]

Climate Tech is an emerging trend in the technology industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. Climate Tech encompasses a wide range of solutions such as renewable energy, energy storage, low-carbon transport, sustainable agriculture, smart buildings, the closed-loop economy and many more.  The Climate Tech revolution is being driven by growing […]

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are those that use natural resources such as wind, solar, water, biomass or geothermal to generate electricity, heat or mechanical energy. RES are key to the sustainable development of national economies as they contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, increasing energy security and creating new jobs.   Poland has […]

In today’s times, as climate challenges become increasingly pressing, the development of alternative energy systems seems to be not only an option but a necessity. Technologies such as the construction of photovoltaic farms and construction of wind farms, which offer renewable and less harmful methods of energy production, are emerging to the forefront. But what […]

Wind Farm Service is a provision that involves regular checking and repairing of wind turbines to ensure their optimal performance and reliability. Servicing wind farms is crucial as it allows for the full potential of this renewable energy source to be harnessed, which brings numerous environmental and economic benefits. Some of these benefits include: Reduction […]