Electrum, a leading renewable energy company in Poland, invites high school students from the Podlaskie Voivodeship to participate in the #ClimateTech YoungTalents contest. The aim of the competition is to promote creativity and innovation in the field of green energy. We want to encourage young people to take active steps towards preventing climate change and […]

Climate education is the process of shaping knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to climate protection and adaptation to climate change. It is essential to understand the causes and effects of global warming and to take responsible and effective actions for sustainable development. In this article, you will learn why climate education is important in the […]

Energy management and informatics technology are two areas that increasingly intersect and complement each other. In the era of digitization, energy transformation, and growing energy demand, the utilization of modern information technologies is essential. They will help optimize and manage energy systems. In this post, we will present how energy meets informatics and what benefits […]

Have you ever wondered how the life science could revolutionize energy? By combining life science with renewable energy sources, innovative solutions emerge that can change our approach to energy production and utilization.  Biofuels: Evolution of Traditional Energy Sources  One of the key areas where life science intersects with energy is in biofuels. By utilizing plant […]

Introduction to Energy Transformation Have you ever wondered what the future of energy looks like? Energy transformation is not just a trendy phrase but a necessity of our times. In an era of increasing ecological awareness and climate change, shifting to renewable energy sources seems to be the only reasonable direction. But what does this […]

Green Light for the Earth  Have you ever wondered how our daily decisions impact the planet we live on? Sustainable development is not just a trendy term but a necessity to ensure a healthy Earth for future generations. At the heart of this concept lie Renewable Energy Sources (RES) – our secret weapon in the […]