RES in CEE: Overview and Prospects

Farma wiatrowaThanks to technological advances, renewable energy sources (RES) are becoming increasingly accessible and affordable for the industry. In Poland, a total of 357,093 RES installations will be installed in 2022, of which 356,966 are photovoltaic installations. With the increasing demand for energy and the rising cost of fossil fuels, more and more countries are choosing to invest in RES. Renewable energy is not only an environmental issue. It is also an opportunity for economic development and energy independence.  

Renewable Energy Market in Poland 

In Poland, the RES market is one of the fastest growing sectors. In the context of the move away from the use of fossil fuels in industry, RES represent an alternative to traditional energy sources. RES in Europe are already able to deliver around 60% of the greenhouse gas emission reductions that will be needed to meet the net-zero target by 2050. 

Planned Changes and Challenges 

Farma fotowoltaicznaIn Poland, the government plans to increase the share of RES in the energy mix to 23.5% in 2030. However, one of the most important challenges for RES is their variable performance, which depends on weather conditions. As the technology develops, more and more companies are investing in energy storage. It allows electricity to be stored for use at a later date. 

Key Role of RES for Climate Goals  

In summary, RES are an alternative to traditional energy sources and their development is key to achieving climate goals. In Poland, the RES market is developing rapidly. The government plans to increase their share in the energy mix.