Electrum Completes the Construction of Gryf Photovoltaic Farm in Greater Poland

Electrum Group, a Białystok-based Climate Tech company, has completed the construction of the PV Gryf photovoltaic farm, commissioned by Energa Generation from the ORLEN Group. Located in the Przykona municipality in Greater Poland, the installation has been energized and put into operation. The total installed capacity of the power plant is 25 MW.

The construction of the PV Gryf photovoltaic farm began in January 2021. In the spring of this year, the facility was connected to the power grid, and the owner obtained permission for its use. The total installed capacity of the facility is approximately 25 MW. The expected annual electricity production of the farm will meet the consumption needs of about 10,000 households.

“The PV Gryf photovoltaic farm project presented us with numerous challenges. The construction of the power line for power export had to be established alongside an existing HV line. We conducted the work at the active RSN Przykona and RSN Żuki facilities, which required proper coordination between multiple entities involved in the investment. Additionally, the farm is located in demanding mining areas. However, the Electrum team handled it admirably, which clearly demonstrates our effectiveness, even in the face of technically challenging project conditions” says Tomasz Taff, Sales Director and Member of the Board of Electrum Concreo.

The scope of work by Electrum Concreo, a developer within the Electrum Group, for the PV Gryf investment included the comprehensive construction of the photovoltaic farm on an area of approximately 32 hectares. The company was also responsible for preparing project documentation, including an alternative construction project and executive designs.

Electrum Concreo provided the delivery and installation of over 46,000 solar panels, 107 inverters, and 12 transformer stations. The work also included the installation of CCTV and SSWiN systems, the construction of internal roads and maneuvering areas covering an area of 6,000 square meters, and the construction of a HV line over 11 kilometers long. Electrum also installed the proprietary EMACS system in the facility. This platform combines the advantages of a classic SCADA system with business analysis systems, allowing the integration, processing, and presentation of data from multiple information sources on a coherent platform.

The PV Gryf photovoltaic farm, belonging to Energa Generation from the ORLEN Group, was built on the site of a former brown coal mine in Adamów. This not only transformed an unused industrial area but, most importantly, utilized existing transmission infrastructure.


About Electrum

Electrum Group is a leading Polish Climate Tech business headquartered in Białystok, offering comprehensive solutions in the field of cutting-edge technology for the development, construction, and management of projects in the energy and information sectors. The technological maturity of its experts allows for the delivery of products and services that respond to the evolving needs of industry and business in the midst of the ongoing energy transformation. They create and implement solutions and build projects based on the concept of an individual energy mix, maintaining a balance between the social and environmental responsibility of business and economic aspects.

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