Lipno Solar Park: One of the Largest Photovoltaic Farms in Poland Built by Electrum

Lipno Solar Park: One of the Largest Photovoltaic Farms in Poland Built by Electrum

We are proud to announce the commissioning of one of the largest photovoltaic farms in Poland, built by the Electrum Group, in Lipno. The project investor is Wento.

Wento is one of the largest renewable energy developers in Poland. They are involved in developing, building, and operating photovoltaic and wind projects across the country. Present on the Polish market since 2011, the company has been part of the international Equinor (formerly Statoil) group, one of the largest players in the global energy market, since 2021.

Located in Greater Poland, Lipno Solar Park is an impressive power plant with a capacity of 53 MW, contributing to the development of renewable energy in Poland. The farm consists of nearly one hundred thousand solar panels, covering an area of over 80 hectares. The entire investment will be able to produce 58 GWh of energy annually, equivalent to the consumption of 29,000 households.

Thanks to the expertise and experience of Electrum experts, the project was realized in a way that maximized the facility’s potential. The construction took less than two years and was carried out simultaneously in three locations. Additionally, accompanying infrastructure was also built, including a medium voltage power station and an overhead high voltage switchyard. Over 600 kilometers of cables were laid, and 212 inverters and 8 medium voltage stations were installed.

The general contractor for the Lipno solar power plant is Electrum Concreo, working with the contract engineer – J.S. Hamilton Poland, while safety and health supervision was provided by Human BHP.

The investment will also benefit the local community – the Lipno municipality will receive tax revenues.

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